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Retailer Weekly Produce Market Report 9-1-16

Retailer Weekly Produce Market Report 9-1-16

 September 1, 2016


 The Weather Channel Report  Retailer Weekly Produce Market Report

Central Mexico will see near average temperatures under a weak high pressure system with decreasing monsoonal moisture. Northern Mexico, Baja and the Southwest will endure moderate warming with potential isolated scattered showers. Heavy rains are expected throughout Florida this week as the system tracks to the northeast toward the Panhandle later this week.
Hawaii Two powerful hurricanes are making their way towards Hawaii’s Big Island. As of late Tuesday, Hurricane Madeline sustained maximum winds of 90 mph making it a category 1. This system should weaken as it approaches land though will be dangerously close to the Big Island Wednesday. Hurricane Lester, right on Madeline’s heels has maintained Category 4 strength as it moved toward the central Pacific, though still 1,000 miles east of the Big Island.

Tropical Depression 9 is slowly strengthening in the southern Gulf of Mexico. It’s expected to strengthen, speed up and become a tropical storm today. Moderate risk of tornadoes through Thursday and dump 6-8 inches of rain. Centered about 370 miles west of Key West, the storm was moving northwest at about 5pmh, though the depression has still not strengthen as expected.

Mexico continues to receive large amounts of rain, hampering harvest on roma and round tomatoes. Markets have spiked driving prices upward. Roma and Vine ripe tomatoes are extremely tight with only marginal quality.

Eastern US tomato growing regions have received rain continuously over the past two weeks. This has drastically decreased production to the point where orders are can’t be filled and post rain quality is fair.

California has endured much cooler temperatures unlikely for this time of summer as demand from across the U.S. has descended upon the growing region. Most shippers are only packing 1-2 days per week. Demand exceeds supply and prices have skyrocketed accordingly.

Grape Tomatoes / Cherry Tomatoes Have begun the seasonal slowdown generating stronger demand with prices firming. As summer months wind down, supply will tighten further shifting national demand to California until Florida begins production by the end of September.

Heirloom Tomatoes Volume has declined due to late plantings in production and cooler temperatures. Supplies remain steady out of Mexico.

Hot House Tomatoes larger sized tomatoes are tight and at elevated prices.

Cluster Tomatoes New crop production is underway out of Mexico, opportunities for promotion.

Organic Heirloom Tomatoes: Markets have gradually elevated against Mexican grown product. CA markets are stronger.
Organic Cluster Tomatoes: Supplies are declining
Organic Hot House Tomatoes: Limited supply out Mexico
Organic Cherry Tomatoes: Exclusively California grown generated excellent supply
Organic Grape Tomatoes: Markets elevated
Organic Vine-Ripe Tomatoes: Steady supply out of Baja, though markets are escalated.
Strawberries:  Supplies are steady. Salinas, Watsonville and Santa Maria growing regions are all experiencing elevated daytime temperatures compared to last week producing improved quality and increased volume. Production has exceeded original volumes estimates. Overall, quality remains good with a few reports of white shoulders, salmon and dry bruising. Sizing remains smaller with berries in the 20-30 count range and Santa Maria’s new crop on the larger end.
Blackberries:  Demand exceeds supply as production is trending downward and supplies are tightening. Good overall quality with a few reports indicating overripe and red cell. Some volume remains available in North Carolina but becoming increasing limited as well.
Eastern The green bell peppers market remains steady at lower prices. Production continues to be excellent from production regions across the northern part of the country and Canada. Thunderstorms in these areas delayed production over the weekend, though demand is weak. Some reports indicate partial bruising from the rain but overall quality is good and anticipated to improve this week as weather clears and temperatures cool.

Western Green bells out of Fresno and Otay are revealing good quality and condition. Red bells out of Fresno, Bakersfield and Otay are also showing good quality. Availability against red and yellow bells are improving. 

California harvest is declining rapidly with most shippers reporting they will be done with any usable volume by the end of week. This premature end of production was brought on by a heavy harvest in June to make up for Mexico’s lack of supply. CA continues to peak on 60s.
Mexico’s Rain continues to delay harvest and beginning to affect supplies shipping into the U.S. Mexico’s summer crop harvest is declining with the next crop extremely low in maturity and projected to begin in October.
California: Finished production against all color varieties.
Washington: The market is steady on yellows, reds and whites with sizing predominately medium to jumbo range and very few larger product.
Idaho/Oregon: Steady against all colors peaking on jumbo and medium size onions. A few shippers have additional colossal and super colossal yellows. Quality has been consistently good.
Lemons:  Ventura crop is currently the primary supplies of domestic fruit as the season winds down. Demand is strong and steady. Supplies are tight against 140s/165s/200s/235s. The desert crop is anticipated to begin some light packing by mid-September with full volume not available until November. Good supplies against Chilean fruit with Mexico generating fair volume.
Limes:  Demand is strong for all sizes across the board peaking in 150ct. Quality is fair overall with partial leaf shading (yellow color) and occasional skylar breakdown from the previous rain. Larger sized limes are older crops and worn. Shippers are sorting through product before loading in order to alleviate quality issues. Large sized new crop will not show up until the first week of September. Smaller sized new crop limes are currently filtering into the supply chain.

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