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Food Service Produce Market Report 11-27-17

Food Service Produce Market Report 11-27-17

 November 27, 2017



California: Finished for the season.

Florida: Continues to be in the harvest period of crops devastated by Hurricane Irma. Very few supplies are available, with the market in the mid-high $30’s for best quality delivered product. Primary harvest volume is expected to begin by the end of December.

Baja California: Few to moderate vine ripe tomato supplies available. Excellent quality being reported with the market in the mid to high $20s.

Mexico: Very few round tomatoes currently being harvested. Primary harvest volume is set to begin in the next 4-5 weeks.

Roma Tomatoes: Mexico is starting to see improved volume out of Mexico. The market is in the mid-teens for best quality.

Outlook: By the end of December, Florida will be harvesting tomatoes that were planted POST Hurricane Irma. Mexico will also begin production in Culiacan and Sinaloa around the same time. With both regions going, pricing, quality, and volume should improve drastically, weather permitting.



California: High pressure builds out west with potential record high temperatures across California, with overnight temperatures above seasonal norms. Significant cooling is expected by early next week as a cold front moves in from the northwest bringing cool, moist conditions.

Mexico: Warm and dry conditions continue in Mexico as high pressure builds over the weekend into next week.

Florida: Scattered showers and thunderstorms are concentrated to the southern half of the state into the weekend, followed by high pressure and dry conditions.



Green Bells: Increased supplies are loading out of Nogales, from Sinaloa, Mexico. However, high temperatures are affecting sizing, maturing at a smaller spec than average. The market will remain strong until volume increases over the next two weeks.

Colored Bells: Red and yellow bell pepper supplies remain limited. Coachella has decreased volume, though some growers anticipate higher volume in the next 7-10 days. Hot house varieties will be the tightest. The market is expected to remain strong until Coachella reaches peak volume early December.



Supplies remain abundant from all growing regions. The market has remained competitive. Quality has improved; full bunches, minimal yellow leaves, and a vibrant green color being reported.



Northwest: The majority of growers in Colorado, Utah, Washington, Idaho and Oregon are either sold out in advance or not running this week due to Thanksgiving. Colorado is generating light volume. Northwest onions are in tight supply with limited transportation due to shipments of Christmas trees across the U.S. Pricing should remain steady at current levels through the holiday season. Pricing will firm up going into the New Year, depending on supplies out of Mexico, which will typically start crossing in February.



Lemons: The desert is in full swing production. However, this year’s crop is projected to be 20% lighter in volume. Sizes are peaking on 165s/200s/140s, heavier on fancy grade, and limited on 95s/115s. The Central Valley crop is just starting to harvest and pack fruit.

Limes: Supplies have improved this week as Mexico has increased shipments into the U.S. After the Thanksgiving holiday, we expect more crossings to arrive early next week. Good color and consistent sizing being reported.



Iceberg Lettuce: Supplies exceed demand, leaving shippers flexing volume type orders. Yuma is in full production, and Huron has finished for the season. Santa Maria has moderate production. All regions are reporting good quality, with only minor mechanical damage, insects and ribbing. Expect heavy supplies through the week at minimum. Ideal weather condition in all growing regions through the weekend.

Leaf Lettuce: Demand has slowed on all romaine and leaf lettuce varieties. Abundant supplies out of Yuma, Santa Maria and Oxnard. Good quality being reported with minimal ribbing and insect damage. Romaine heart production is good and shippers are flexing on this commodity. Expect strong supplies the remainder of this week in all growing regions.



Mexico: Supplies continue to improve out of Mexico, representing over 90% of total industry supply. The size curve remains heavy on 48/60ct. Demand and movement is starting to gain momentum as retailers gain confidence with increased volume.


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